Some people make me laugh…
Sunday November 12th 2006, 3:08 pm
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…so hard, that it’s hard to focus on the game that is in progress. I fired up bodog yesterday eve and hit the HU tables once again. One match stood out and it was not due to the game itself, or the result (I won, duh!), but my opponent or his trash talk to be precise.

I sat down at the table and my opponent was already waiting. The first thing he types into the chatbox is “You can only win if you suckout”. *lol*. Now I’m usually not even starting to chat during the matches, I’m focussing on my game and that’s that. If my opponent starts a quick friendly chat (the “gl”…”how you doing” type of chat), I’m cool with that and I wish my opponent good luck before getting down to business. In this particular case I had to get involved though. I went ahead and told him that it’s probably the other way around and that I wished him good luck trying to beat me. He went into insta-trash-talk-mode and tried to get under my skin with a variation of (what he thought) cool ways to get your opponent on tilt.

He started of by telling me that he was Johnny Chan to me. My comeback line was that he should stop sniffing his insecticide infested orange. *lol*…that shut him up for about half a minute before he went on about telling stuff about my mom. Now I’m all for good fun, but that’s borderline, then again, he was probably a little immature boy trying to be cool. So I schooled him a little about mommies and how I’m going to tell his mom that there should be no more WSOP for him on tv. etc etc…so it was all funny as hell, at least to me. I finally busted him after around 30 hands and he told me about how I sucked and all…I just typed a quick reply telling him that I hope that the 5$ he just lost wasn’t his whole month’s allowance…*lol*…

Another cool match was against a familiar player. I had played with him before and he’s ultra-passive. So I opened the cage and let the aggression monkey out, raising EVERY pot, c-betting every flop and generally putting constant pressure on him. In the final hands he got lucky on me twice – the last hand was A9 vs A8…he hit his 8 on the turn and I couldn’t improve on the river. To my surprise he instantly started to talk shit in the chatbox about how he finally caught me (errm yeah, getting in behind and catching a lucky card is totally catching me, d’oh) and I thought “WTF?!” so I told him what I thought about that line and he went on to tell me how I was playing to aggressive and blablabla…I justed laughed and told him that his style sucks (sir fold-a-lot) and that he’s the one that needs to be lucky to win, not me and that I’m not too aggressive, after all I “only” had a look at 72% of all flops in that particular session (~ 400 hands) 😉

All in all a nice session yet again, won 15 out of 20 matches, should have been 17, but hey…can’t count on your opponent not hitting his (few) outs all the time, so ‘s all good…

After that bodog session I remembered that I still have some bonus clearing on FullTilt to do, so I fired up some CAP NL games for a quick hit and run session – which was successfull. Then I played some Stud and Razz to close out the night. I gotta say I’m now starting to grasp why many people like Razz so much (e.g. Jordan‘s “high-roller” razz experience), it’s basically one of the easiest games around. Hell, I like 7Stud, I like 7Stud H/L even more, so Razz is basically the logical next step…just low, no straights or flushes to look out for…sweet. I guess I’ll have a go on the lower limit tables in the near future, hoping not to go brick-brick-brick all the time 😉

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