Hold’em hiatus, Razz rampage
Sunday November 26th 2006, 10:24 pm
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Well…Hold’em is totally annoying me atm. I can do what I want, good decisions, decent decisions, mediocre decisions, bad decisions…they all end in the same result – someone backing up a few steps and then kicking me in the junk with full force 🙁

So after the most recent ball-busting junk kickings (yesterday afternoon) I decided that I’m going to walk away for a few days…maybe even a little longer. No, I’m not quiting poker or anything, I’m just putting hold’em on hold…for now.

My equalizer for now is going to be limit razz. Yes, I usually hate limit games as your space to (out)maneuver your opponent is, well, limited. In Razz it’s a little different though. True, just like in any other poker game you can still be kicked in the balls (which formed my new mantra “brick brick brick, really makes me sick” ;)), but it doesn’t hurt all that much. Why?

Because if you just stick to some BASIC game strategy (start with a decent hand, depending on the table 86low or better), you should come out on top most of the time. On another note: yes, Razz is more of an automatic game due to the limit structure and board information – on the other hand it’s a fun and challenging game as you gotta switch on your brain again (remember board information, discarded cards, etc)…so it’s quite a change and so far I’m enjoying it…

…needless to say that I had my fair share of unbelievable beats already (board lock, sixth and seventh street go brick brick (me) perfect perfect (opponent) etc), but I’m proud to say that despite all that, I didn’t have a single losing session (yet) as I was pretty far ahead already when such wicked beats occured…

…so for now…expect me to write about the all new Razztastic adventures happening in a country far far away from one-outer hold’em hell…. 😉

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