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Sunday December 03rd 2006, 4:38 am
Filed under: Full Tilt Poker,No-Limit Hold'em,S&G,Shorthanded

Played a little on FullTilt today, back to the roots. Bread and butter, SH SnG. Top two get payed. Won the first one after remembering the golden rule “play looser than normal, but not donkey style” 😉

Should have won the second one also, but didn’t due to some unlucky cards. Ah well, at least two for two in the money, so not to bad.

Then I went out to a local christmas market, didn’t feel like drinking though, so I drove over. After the thing closed down we decided to play a little poker tourney, lol. We sat down seven handed and play a cool little game. I was not running particularly well, but still okay (slightly up). Then “the” hand came up – yet again. I look down at 74o in the BB…three limpers, I check. Flop comes down 778…hmm…limper #1 checks, limper #2 checks, limper #3 bets out. I reraise. Limper #1&2 fold. Limper #3 reraises. Now I’m thinking: okay, he’s either holding 8X, an overpair or the case seven…probably outkicking me…after a little deliberation I decide to push as there’s always the (large) possibility that it’ll be a split pot and I could be way ahead…Limper #3 shows 75s0000ted. Hmm…so I’m slightly behind, but there’s two cards to come, so I’m hopeful. Turn 5. Thank you very much…meaningless 6 giving me a meaningless straight on the river. Ouch.

After that I bumped and grinded my way back to above average before slowly but steadily fading – what can you do if you catch (some) good starting hands, but just can’t hit a flop? Not much…I exited in fourth place (bubble boy) when my 33 stood no chance in the coinflip…oh well…the only thing I can blame myself for is that I played a little too loose after getting back above average…besides that…nothing much I could do…the blessing and curse of (turbo) tourneys…

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