The flipside of HU
Friday December 22nd 2006, 12:41 am
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Yup, noone wants to hear about bad beats. So I’m not telling any 😉

Tonight’s session was supposed to be fun. It was, as I made correct decision after correct decision. Too bad if that doesn’t lead anywhere. Correct fold, opponent caught his gutshot on the river. Correct fold, opponent caught his two outer on the turn. Correct fold, opponent caught runner runner. Correct fold?! Incorrect push…Correct fold…correct fold…correct push…opponent sucked out….correct…correct…

God damn it! Ah well…better luck next time.

On another note: Tomorrow is my last day at work, weeeeeee. Happy, because it’s finally time to get some rest again, celebrate christmas with friends and family. Sad, because I really liked it there. Oh well, all things must come to an end…and the upside: I can finally chill out a little bit again, catch up on overdue stuff and hopefully join you all at the tables in the upcoming weeks. The next live game is scheduled for saturday, so there’s stuff to look forward to… 🙂


all you can do is consistently make correct decisions. sounds like you’re playing your A-game.

Comment by smokkee 12.22.06 @ 10:13 pm


Yup smok, you’re right about that…so I really can’t feel bad – although it still feels bad when you’re outplaying your opponent and he get’s lucky on your ass. I guess it’ll take another year, or two, or ten or even longer for me to get to the point where I’m so hardened that I can really blank out the results and be happy with “just” making the correct play…

Comment by Ingoal 12.22.06 @ 11:21 pm