Cry me a river…
Tuesday January 02nd 2007, 7:47 pm
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Oh god damn it! Oh god damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Hehe…now that I’ve got that out of the way I can write a little write up about my latest adventure in 180SnG-land. Started out making some tough laydowns. Hovered around average for a while before making a great read…put him on AK (on an all under board) and was right…my 88 was good…so I’m double the average…cool…from there on I nurse my stack and play less pots, but if I’m in it…I’m letting it be know…

After the break I get moved to a quite bizarre table…the chipleader is there (suprise surprise, I was playing with the guy third in chips until this point)…then another player is moved to the table…yes…he’s 2nd in chips…so we got two dudes with over 18k at the table…then this hand happens…

Oh well..

I raise it preflop…he pushes back…what I’m I supposed to do here? Fold? Not really…too bad I ran into this again. Down but not out I get moved back to my old table right after the hand – this is out of the “are you kidding me”-category, isn’t it? Get moved to the monster stack table…run into this shit and get moved right back…

Oh well…the end comes a few hands later when I semi-steal with A9o from the cutoff…the button ponders and ponders and finally calls with AQ s00000ted….now I’m asking myself: you get 1.2:1 for your money and you’re anywhere from dominated (AK), in bad shape (pair) to dead (AA)…or slightly ahead (AJ down to Ax)…do you call 40% of your stack there? Well, he did…blank board…turn Q…river 9 thanks riverstars…the other 9 was supposed to be on the flop 😉

So I’m out in 47th and a little puzzled…play a game game for well over an hour…run into bigger pair…missed steal…and gone with the wind. This is frustration at it’s finest…why oh why can’t the fool have Jacks there? 😉

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i ran into the same situation last night in FTP’s 12k (QQ vs KK). it was the first good pocket pair i’d seen the entire tournament. funny thing is, this guy limped with KK preflop behind another limper (dangerous). i pushed. gg me.

Comment by smokkee 01.03.07 @ 8:09 pm

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