First blogger tourney of the year…
Thursday January 04th 2007, 12:10 am
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…and right away the first cash. Wheeeee! Way to start the new year, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I signed up for the WWdN cdog007 invitational after playing some serious hours of BJ over at Pacific (bonus grind). 69 players found their way to the tables and my starting table didn’t feature all that many people I recognized. That should change after a few minutes when the blogfather himself was moved to our table. I immediately welcomed him and won a pot against him when my KK held up. Combined with the chips of the first hand (where I had turn a flush with Kd10d) I was off to a good start. After that everything is a little blurry as I tried to focus fully on the game and not take any notes – then again, who needs notes when the video-feed is up and running… 😉

Here are two screenshots – final table and final result:

Final table

6th place finish

Back to the video: I had to cut some of the stuff as, although I forgot to turn it on for the first x minutes, it’s still over 2h of video…so I cut it down to some key hands (which you can see in the following video) – so without further ado…inspired by Tuff_Fish and Waffles-Rant-Cast (TM)…the inaugural Ingoal-Cast (without audio commentary), but with music…so please turn on audio (as it becomes critical at one point…you’ll see/hear ;)) and enjoy…Click here (opens in new tab/window – attention: requires Windows Media Player 9 or above, size of the video 66MB, so please be patient)

1. Played fairly well

2. Didn’t self-explode like others (*cough* Sox just before the final table)

3. Got unlucky sometimes to bring me back into a desperate chip position which lead to…

4. Got lucky when I needed to…

5. Thanks Wil for hosting!

6. It was fun…cya all soonish…

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