180 degrees
Wednesday January 10th 2007, 3:22 am
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That’s the angle my cards made in contrast to yesterday. No chance in hell…5 Card Draw…thank you for making the second best hand at crucial times (incidently it was always a 1-card vs 1-card draw, I hold two pair, my opponent holds a flush or gutshot draw, guess who’s draw get’s there). Same goes for Razz and NL in a token satellite.

Last hope: WWdN…no joy…get Aces early…win small pot…then invest invest invest…no joy…Once I’m down to half my starting stack I bluff off half my remaining stack on a busted nut flush draw…and the rest is history…out in 29th of 44…oh well, at least I had a good time with V and the others at the table…


You sound card zombied. Not quite card dead, you are probably getting decent if not good starting hands…they’re not completely dead, but the flop takes any life out of ’em. Keep grinding.

Comment by iamhoff 01.11.07 @ 11:57 pm


Hi Hoff 🙂

Yes, that was the problem mostly – same problem yesterday, but I was so burned out after the session that I didn’t even write about it. It was almost scary…best hand in 2nd to ..th best out…all the time.

I can honestly say that I made only one “big” mistake calling a preflop push crushered (Yesterday, Shootout, 6 handed table, four players still in, two “major stacks”, 2 “minor stacks” (me and the guy in the hand, with just under the starting stack) – I had raised preflop with 44 in LP, BB reraises me all-in…now I’m not really pot-commited, but the blind levels are increasing rapidly and it’s a shootout after all, so it’s either chip-up or die…I call his push and he shows 77…no suckout, ‘s all good)…but apart from that hand, it’s just…hmm…better luck next time…hmmm…better luck next time…oh well…new day new cards new decisions…bring it on 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 01.12.07 @ 12:39 am