Madly busy, but mostly mad

Not much poker to talk about in the last few days. I was madly busy with some uni stuff, so not much poker playing. When I did play though I got ripped of royally. As you may know I started a new bonus hunt at and every since my first deposit I get kicked in the junk, big time, every time, every single god damn time.

I think this could very well become the worst bonus hunt in history, apart from maybe my nine poker disaster. Every single time I hold a good hand, I trap someone into giving me all his chips – the bad news is that every single time, at least it seems to be that way, they catch their damn miracle card, AK vs Ax, AQ vs Ax, K10 vs K7, etc etc. On the other hand I run into cold deck after cold deck. Always nice to see AJ vs AQ headsup, Ace + two rags hits the board…hmm…QQ vs Ax…no chance….Jacks vs Kx…no chance, etc etc…I’m about to lose it…even worse: as if the junk kicking isn’t bad enough, I grinded out the HUUUUGE amount of 400 Comp Points….well….only 14600 more to go….d’oh!

Maybe I should stop reading Waffles as it seems that I caught the Waffles virus*… 😉

*Waffles Virus aka opponents’ relentless runner-runner-goodness aka 80+% equals no chance aka I can trap them all I want they will find a way to get lucky aka …

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