And the laydown award goes to…
Tuesday January 30th 2007, 3:42 am
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Played another short session on Stars tonight, back to the roots, mano-a-mano, headsup. Boy, did I play good in those buggers, no kidding. Despite that, I lost the first match…to a suckout, no surprise there…after all you can only be beaten by a suckout if you moved in with the best of it – correct decision, score one for me, money for the donks. In the second one I trapped and trapped and I finally got him to give me all his chips, without a suckout. Nice.

The, by far, most interesting match was the third one though. It lasted for over 80 hands, which is a rare occurance in a headsup match, after all the donks can’t wait to push their stack in with TPNK. This match was different though. It was one of the better opponents and he started to hammer away at me right from the start. Some good reads later I sit pretty with a 2,5:1 chiplead and nothing much to worry about. I get him to commit his chips with the worst of it and the only thing that can save him is hitting one of his six outs. He doesn’t hit those though, instead it goes runner runner straight, yet again. I don’t feel bad though and continue my game. We battle back and forth and we’re about even again. Then I win a big one again and I’m sitting at 2:1 in chips. Then the first big laydown of the night occurs…I turn a straight, which puts three diamonds on board though. He bets substantial and I ponder my options…I mean in a headsup match the chances that he really has the flush aren’t all that big, then again, the way I’m currently running I’m almost sure that he’s got me. I lay it down and he shows the nuts. The next big laydown is a set of sevens when the ugly four flush hits the river. Loose calls on the flop and turn by my opponent, but hey, I can’t do much more than make it incorrect to draw, the rest is up to my opponent. A few hands later I lay down yet another big hand when my spidey-sense goes “uh oh” again on a pretty concealed straight board. We battle back and forth again and my chiplead is dwindling, but I’m still almost 2:1 in chips. My opponent pushes preflop on the button…I put him on a low pair and call with my A4 s00ted…he shows presto and he’s halfway out the door as the flop comes 44J…not a bad flop for my hand, lol…turn blank…river 5. Presto! Oh well…suck and resuck, what can you do. In the next orbit I finally bust him though as he calls my reraise with a dominated KQ. My AQ holds up and I finally take down the match….nice way to end the session…and a match I truely enjoyed, not because I won, but because I made correct decisions on crucial hands which ultimately led to my victory.

That’s enough poker playing for today…and as I’m almost done with all the poker books I had on my shelf, I just ordered two new ones at Amazon…Hunting Fish…and the Professor, Banker and Suicide King, should be some interesting stuff to read…and best of all they’re free, well not literally free, but as I used my last SavvyPoints (aff) on Amazon gift-certificates, they’re payed for and I still got plenty of money left to spend at Amazon…yay, bonus hunt 🙂

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