Three in a row makes the rooster crow…
Wednesday January 31st 2007, 5:15 am
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What a day. Got my ass handed to my at all different sites, unlucky in cards no kidding. Still didn’t hold me back from playing the WWdN, aka the place where people can fold a hand. Starting table included the host, Wil, once again, but he made a quick exit when he ran AQ into AA in the third hand…the rest is kind of a blur….had KK three times, brokeback held up…played a good game…three final tables in a row….and even avoided finishing 6th for the third time in a row, finished 5th and ITM this time (a few weeks back 6th was well ITM (final table was all ITM), 6th last time was the bubble, 6th this time would have been the bubble too)….presto didn’t stand a chance against KQ s000ted…oh well…it was time to make a move and double-up or die…die I did…but still happy….as it’s early, after 5am…just a quick picture dump and I’m off…

2nd break

Final table, 8-handed as Kat busted out in the last hand just at we were down to nine…

2nd break

Final table

Final result

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