No poker for me today, PokerSavvy translation project
Thursday February 01st 2007, 4:28 am
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Well, well…wanted to play some poker as usual tonight, but no joy. For the first time in more than 6 years I’m having internet connection problems. I’m able to connect, barely, but with such a painfully slow transfer rate that playing is unthinkable (I’m on a 6MBit connection and my current downstream is 6kb/s). Hopefully my provider will have this sorted out by tomorrow or else I’ll have to kick some butt… Edit: …and just as I’m posting this my connection is back to normal (down > 600kb/s)…oh well…4:30am…no way I’m playing now….time to catch some sleep End Edit
No poker for me today, but still some poker “news”. I’ve been working on a little project, namely translating (half) of the PokerSavvy (aff) site into german. It’s been a long process and it was finally done some weeks ago…the graphics guru still didn’t get around to redo all the graphics (so they’re still in english), but at least the pure content is in german now.

Hopefully it’ll bring in a lot of hungry bonus hunters from the ever growing poker community over here in germany…if you want to practice your german, head on over to the german version and check it out…

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