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Tuesday February 06th 2007, 12:31 am
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Same ol’ same ol’ at the Stars tables today. Got off to a head start winning 6 out of the first 6 matches. They just wanted to pay me off so bad, it was unreal, lol. Anyway, the seventh match I lost – to a total fish, at least that’s SharkScope’s opinion 😉

He made an incredible/incredibly bad call that basically won it for him. We’re nearly 50 hands in and after taking the chiplead early on he made a nice comeback. He wore a helmet, so he kept his head together despite getting hit smack in the face by the deck on consecutive hands. Anyway, it all comes down to that one hand. We’re even in chips and he min-raises it preflop, big deal. I call from the BB with 10-6o. Maybe not a great play, but hey, can’t lay it down for a min-raise. Flop comes down A-8-4 with two spades. I check, he quickly checks behind. Now I don’t think he’s trapping here, he usually played it straight-forward, no matter if it was third, second or top pair which he had hit. So let’s see what the turn brings…7h…now there’s two spades and two hearts out there…I check…he bets 150 into the 200 pot. Hmmm….I ponder my options and this looks really weak to me…so I repop him to 450…he ponders for a while and calls…now the river brings the Jh…I lost heart there and checked…he bet 600…no there’s no way I can call and a push is out of the picture, no fold equity. He shows Kd2s…nicely played sir, or not?

My analysis:

1. I didn’t know he was such a fish, I should have looked him up prior to the match. Hence the play on the turn was wasted chips, I’m only supposed to do that here with Ax, two spades or two hearts. First mistake.
2. Second mistake, not betting the river…if he’s really such a fish…he could call…then I’ll say nh, nicely played sir and leave. Or he can fold…I’m not sure if that’s really a mistake here…the initial mistake was the play on the turn.

3. Too bad I couldn’t double up with 15 outs twice in the last hand, I think I could have still taken him down then…

So…all in all…more than satisfied with my play, except for the last match…bad decision…leads to the big L…oh well, can’t win ’em all I guess…but 6 out of 7 is fine with me…as I’m pretty tired, I’ll leave it at that tonight and hit the tables again tomorrow…and if I can stay awake that long, I’ll try to make the fourth WWdN final table in a row…see ya at the tables…

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