Hammer day parade, you’re invited
Wednesday February 07th 2007, 3:58 am
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Almost forgot to pimp this, as it’s 4am over here, it’s already hammer day…07.02.2007…or 2/7/2007 for the americans…so…what’s up on hammer day?

Yes, a special hammer day event…come and play…all infos in the pimp pic below…thanks to Al and Mookie for the added  100$, get 7.20$ out of your wallet and play…thank you!
Hammer day!


i’m all in with every hammer i get dealt.


Comment by smokkee 02.07.07 @ 9:22 am


I think that’s the plan most people have in that tourney, me included 🙂

Then again, you first need to get dealt a hammer to go all-in with in the first place, recently the dark side of the hammer (s00ted) is with me, but not the real deal. I think it’s due to the fact that I caught his power on film and showed it to the world…or something *lol*

Comment by Ingoal 02.07.07 @ 3:11 pm