Junk kickers unite and go to hell
Wednesday February 07th 2007, 1:43 am
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Hehe…what a nice title. Man, poker was brutal today. First of all I got my poker fix by watching yesterday’s episode of High Stakes Poker, not all that exciting. Then I wanted to watch the new week of Poker After Dark, but they’re doing their first re-run, so nothing there. So I hit PokerStars and start out pretty good. Win the first match easily, lose the second one. No biggie. In the third one, I sucked out for the first time in ages. 84o in the BB…he min raises…flop comes down 489…hmm…I bet…he repops me…I should repop him and get it over with. Instead I call and the turn is a K…he insta-pushes…hmm…K9 s00ted is def a likely holding here…if that’s the case, I’m basically screwed…curiosity get’s the better of me though and I call…he shows Kd9d…so K9 s000ted it is…oh well….river 4…boom headshot. So I’m up 2-1 and looking to play better in the next matches. I do, but I just can’t get a break. The lovely KQ vs AK hand on a board of AK9Q…the running quads against me…runner runner straight against me…Kings cracked…tens cracked…etc etc…I managed to win the fifth match though…so I’m quitting tonight even (3-3) minus the rake. I just can’t take much more tonight, so no point in continuing. I’ll try to stay awake for the WWdN though…so if you’re not signed up yet, get into gear, less than an hour left…cya at the tables…


burn baby burn!

Comment by smokkee 02.07.07 @ 9:24 am