No four-peat for me
Wednesday February 07th 2007, 3:33 am
Filed under: Live Play,MTT,No-Limit Hold'em,PokerStars,Tournaments

Played in the WWdN as usual and it didn’t go all that well. Started of with AA in the third hand, won a small one. Had to laydown AK on an all-under, straight heavy board, which was cheap though. Then I ran AJ into 77 on a A-7-9-6-10 board. That cost me half my stack. Not much action after that and when the blinds just move up to 50/100 I think A6o in LP is good enough to try to steal…only 700 chips left…so…I hoy and get one caller…well…essentially not a caller as he re-raises all in to isolate me from the button….he shows JJ…blank flop, blank turn…meaningless 6 on the river…gg me and I’m out 31/45…not even made it to the first break. Oh well, quite a change from the last three WWdNs…6th, 6th, 5th, 31st…d’oh!

I’m outta here…oh almost forgot: Next live game is scheduled for friday! Has been almost 8 weeks since I traded the virtual cards for the real deal, really looking forward to it. Let’s see how it goes (recently it has been a nightmare as everyone was catching against me and I, wrongly, tried to force the action, which lead to an even bigger disaster)…

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