08.02. is now officially donkey day
Friday February 09th 2007, 3:48 am
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Well, yesterday was hammer day, but today was clearly donkey day. I met some of the most annoying people ever at the tables. Played headsup, nothing new there. Won the ones I was supposed to win, lost those which I was supposed to win. All in all in split six games. So down the rake and down some time which nothing can bring me back.

Highlights: Total donkey, fish, whatever you want to call it…he’s so bad, he already dropped over 1.1k in HU SnGs in the recent months. We get the money in preflop…my AKs vs his A9o…no surprise to see a nine on the flop and another one on the turn. Still no surprise that he tells me about “how he owns me” and all after that suckout. It made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t even stop talking some trash in the chat. He didn’t even understand half the things I told him, so I let it be and sucked it up. He got the last suck though as he sucked out again to bust me. Nice.

Then I played the slowest player I’ve ever seen, seriously. Well, not a bad tactic if you’re a donk. Play only a few hands during the first few levels as you’re taking like 20 seconds on every decision, then try to luck out on the more expensive blind levels. He did a fine job there, bored me to death until the blinds were at 50/100…then got his money in as a 80/20 dog and sucked out…very well played sir…

Man, this makes this session officially the lousiest and most annoying ever…spent too much time at the tables with absolutely nothing to show for…oh well, that’s the grind – at least sometimes. I guess I will take a hiatus from online poker tomorrow as the next home game is scheduled for tomorrow night…and as usual I expect to get sucked out on, at least in the critical hands, so I don’t want to put too much stress on my titanium cup 😉

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