No poker today
Thursday February 15th 2007, 2:53 am
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I really didn’t feel like playing today, maybe due to the long run in the WWdN this morning, maybe because I’m just a little tired and busy with other stuff today. So, just a quick post about something I got in the mail this week:

Tastes like chicken

I was sitting on some FullTiltPoints for ages now as I wasn’t able to “buy” anything nice with it – due to the fact that most items didn’t ship to europe. This has changed now though. I really don’t know if that’s because of the whole “Online Gambling” thing over in the US or if it just took them so long to start up european distribution, anyway, I’m happy that I can really order stuff now…so this is hopefully the first of many nice things I’ll get from the FullTilt store….next item on the wishlist: Custom hockey jersey…hmm…only 24k to go…*lol* 😉

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