The WWdN or when everthing starts out more than fine
Wednesday February 21st 2007, 3:51 am
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In the light of recent “anti whine” / “anti rant” comments/posts (you know who you are ;)), I’m putting up a disclaimer: This following post is a mere attempt to revisit some of the hands that went down during the WWdN. If you consider it to be whining, muttering or whatever, feel free to leave now, without reading the post 😉 *lol*

The WWdN started quite nicely for me, AK in EP in the first hand, standard raise takes down the pot. I’m the first chipleader. Wheee. A few hands in I pick up 73 s00ted in the BB…I call the standard raise by Kat who’s in the SB. Flop comes down 732…now I’m hoping she has the hammer, lol, she leads out with 60, I raise to 180 and take down the pot (up to 1730). Next hand I pick up A9o in the SB…limpy limpy…flop comes down AK4 rainbow…I lead out…two callers…turn 5…putting two spades out there…I lead out two callers…river Jc…I bet out…two callers…my Aces are good enough to take down the pot (up to 2110). A few hands later I pick up Aces in MP…Kat standard-raises preflop…I repop her…she calls…flop comes down Ac9c9s….yatzee! Check check….6s…two flush-draws out there….yes!…check check…river Jc…at least one flush got there…Kat checks…I bet 250…she calls…Aces full takes it down…(Kat mucked 10c10s; up to 3130)….20 folds later I pick up KK…Kat is short by then and pushes in for 540…I raise another 1000 to isolate…it works…KK no chance against AQo though….d’oh! (down to 2590) and it’s all downhill from here…*whine whine mutter mutter* if I win this hand I’m slightly under 4000…now I’m at 2.6k…still in the top 15 though…*whine whine mutter mutter*

A few hands later I lose the minimum (which is slightly under 1k) AQ vs AK…kicker plays…oh well…now I’m slowly but steadily in dangerous territory…it get’s worse once my preflop raise to 300 (blinds 50/100) is not only called but punished by weak_player, he shoves and there’s no way I can call with the velvet hammer (s00ted hammer 7c2c)…he shows 88…oh well…under 1k…fold fold fold…I’m in the BB with A6o…3 limpers…hmm…I check and I’m really pleased with the AA2 flop…four checks later we see the turn 8d…EP checks…I bet 200…MP calls…LP folds…checker calls…river 10h…EP checks…I shove my remaining 5xx chips in the middle MP calls…checker reraises…uh oh…LP calls…double uh-oh….EP checks shows deuces full…gg me….

Yuck! Oh well…what can you do? With the heavy action in the hand…preflop-shove with A6o? Would it have made any difference? Who knows…maybe…maybe not. I thought I’ll have a cheap flop with a mediocre hand, flopped a monster, just couldn’t help that another player flopped it’s big brother. Sucks one way or another…out in 36th place…weird how things can start out more than fine (flopping the joint with Aces and getting payed off etc) and then everything falls apart…just how poker is sometimes…I’m outta here…
final result

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Ingoal! How DARE you make a post in your personal daily journal about some bad luck you ran into last night! Everyone knows some OTHER EFFING CLOWN should have the right to tell you what to post and not post about.

I do love these anti-rant blog commenters. As I wrote on Jordan’s blog today, the guy who invented blogs must be rolling over in his grave to hear people telling other people what is and is not acceptable to blog about. So effing ghey.

Comment by Hammerplayer a.k.a. Hoyazo 02.21.07 @ 7:57 pm


*lol* yeah 😉

I think there are two ways to handle “bad luck”, maybe three (or a combination of the following):

1. The “I’m standing over it deluxe” approach: bad luck happens, cold decks happen, they’re part of the game, I know that and so there’s no need to talk about it and it doesn’t bother me anymore. [That’s the one that most ppl strive to achieve, although I think if you “achieve” this “level” you’re either jaded from years and years of bad beats or totally robot-like…I don’t want to achieve this “level”…]
2. The “I’m standing over it” approach: bad luck happens, cold decks happen, they’re part of the game, I know that and so there’s no need to talk about it (with some exceptions) [I don’t want to achieve this “level” either…]
3. The “I know I know, it still bothers the hell out of me”: same as above, but you a) need to talk about it which keeps you from going insane b) suck it all up and explode some day [This is where most ppl are at, whether a) or b), I’m in the a) department…after all what’s a blog for? To talk about strategy – yup, to talk about events – yup, to talk about just such bs – absolutely…and I really like to be in there with some “feelings” left in the game, if I’m so detached from the game that it wasn’t so anymore, what would I be playing for? Some bucks? That will never be the main source of my income, and I’m fine with that, thank you very much…I rest my case… 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 02.21.07 @ 9:24 pm

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