Official sickest day ever
Thursday February 22nd 2007, 2:24 am
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Well, I guess I should have seen it coming after being put in the freezer after 30 minutes in the WWdN, but I didn’t. My first and only mistake today was that I broke one of my oldest rules: If you play well and get cold-decked and/or unlucky in the first x matches, log off and never look back. So, basically I should have quit after the first three matches, but I didn’t, so that’s on me, but the hands that went down, unbelievable. This is officially the sickest day I’ve experienced so far. Unless I held the stone-cold nuts, there was no way I was going to win the big ones. The small ones, yes, as my opponents had nothing in those hands, but the big ones? Not a single one of them.

The first two matches ended in similar fashion: jab, grabble…slightly down in chips…let’s flip it…opponent shows 10d-10c….I lose. 0-1. Second match goes down the same way…let’s flip it…opened shows 10d-10c…now I don’t get out my tinfoil hat, but what are that chances of that happening (and don’t even get me started on the “the deck has no memory” crap, ty)?! Result…tens hold up…I lose. 0-2

Third match was quite interesting too. I’m ahead a little (less than 300 chips) and I get my money in…with A10 s00ted on a 10 high board…turn gives me a flush draw…river is blank…opponent shows? 10-10…I can’t remember the suits and I’m too lazy to look it up, but wouldn’t surprise me if it was 10d-10c 😉

Oh well..down 0-3. The next match is the classic freezer. Opponent min-raises…I call with 10-3o…flop comes down K-10-3….opponent bets BIG…now I’m stuck, how can I lay this down? What beats me here…KK…why would he lead with such an overbet (unless he’s an absolute donk)…so I rule that out. AK…more than likely…so I call…he shows? K10o…ty very much…. Down 0-4. The fifth match, just before footie practice is an episode of “I’m on tilt, I know it, but I don’t care, let me just punish this dude and if not, I can always blame the cold deck”…I promptly lose and I’m steaming. Time to head out to footie practice. Now, this is totally unrelated to poker, but as soon as I head out to get in the car I notice that the central locking system isn’t working. Hmm…weird…all digital gages aren’t working…hmm…starter…dead. Nice. Wouldn’t surprise me, but then again I had the same problem last week and I put in a new battery and everything seemed to work just fine for the last week. Not so much today. My resident car guru tells me that it’s probably the generator. Damn! So I’m stuck without a car, but I’m more than happy to borrow my dad’s car. BMW 730i…time to cruise, lol.

After footie training I’m cooled off and after watching the latest episodes of Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker I’m ready to roll again. My goal is not to get even, but to get back just a little. Finishing this horror day on a high note would be really appreciated. Haha, says the dealer and throws everything at me that he can find in the freezer deck. Despite that I win the first match easily against a player who would make a rock look loose. Nice, so I jump into the second match of the “evening session” and shit hit’s the fan once again. I’ve honestly not seen so many draw-outs since Antonio Esfandiari vs Todd Brunson in the third match of the Poker Superstars III final. We played three bigger pots. I shoved three times with the best hand. He drew out on me three times. How did he do it? Backdoor flush, backdoor flush and flush on the turn with three dominated aces. Nice job sir, fry in hell! 🙂

So I’m sitting there…thinking…quit or try just one more match in an effort to at least finish one session up ahead. It all came down to one big hand again…the hach (73o) vs 10-4 s00ted….flop comes 7-10-3 rainbow…push comes to shove and we get it in…turn 4….river 4…not that he needed it. Thank you very much again sir, I’ll leave now before I crap on your virtual felt.

So…what does this teach us:

1. There’s no justice in poker (Who didn’t know that?)

2. If you’re cold, you’re cold and there’s shit you can do about it.

3. Even the most sophisticated play, even the most solid play, even the biggest advantage can’t win you a thing if you’re not 100% to win the hand.

4. Poker is a game of skill…that’s the skill to stay sane while continuing to play [ in the long run I will get it all back, in the short run shit like this is still hard to take… 😉 ]
This rant has been brought to you by cold-deck 2000, the premier pocket deck-freezer, exclusively used at and a crappy ass 1 minute photoshop job….*lol*…good night 😉

cold deck 2000

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