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Friday February 23rd 2007, 4:50 am
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Honestly, I didn’t even want to play tonight. Then I logged on to see if anyone was around. I see that CC’s Thursday Bash is about to start, I hesitate though as it’s early in the morning and I don’t really want to play for long. So I go to my usual feeding grounds, the HU SnGs. In the first match I still feel the effect of yesterday’s session – maybe you know the feeling when you got sucked out on so bad and in such rapid succesion that you don’t know what to do with marginal hands. “Could it be that he got me again on the (turn/river)?”  and other similar thoughts creep up on you. Indeed he did get me sometimes on the turn and river, but you can credit that to some hesitation on my part. Normally I, at least try to, let my opponents dance to my rhythm…controlling the action, keeping pots small with marginal hands or draws…getting the money in with a (near) lock. Today that rhythm was still a little off, so no big deal that I messed up the first match.

In the second match I shook that off and after a long battle, with some nice suckouts on both sides, I was finally able to score the W. I totally controlled the action and I even picked up some bluffs – nothing better to boost your confidence when you pick of a big bluff with Queen-High…

The third match was even better. Not only did I play good, apart from two bad calls, but my opponent was the kind of opponent I would like to see more often. Not because he was weak, he wasn’t. But because he knew how to behave himself without the banter and shit. He played a good game and after a long fought battle of over a hundred hands I finally conquered him. I see a free flop in the BB with 8h2h….we’re almost even in chips and there are 200 in the pot. Flop comes down Ac8c2d…push comes to shove and he shows the A7o…basically no redraw except the 6 outs…none of them hit and I take down the monster pot. I’m up 2700 to 300 and then something unexpected happens. Usually ppl will play a mean shortstack pushing every hand, sometimes getting lucky and doubling up…maybe even more than once. So I wasn’t ready to mark it as a W yet, but my opponent did. He typed gg in the chatbox and folded to my reraise. He then folded the SB. He then folded the BB. In the next hand he was all-in with 50 and we chopped…next hand he was auto-allin and I won the pot and the match.

Now I don’t advise anyone to do that, after all you can get lucky and if you double up with such a small stack, you’re up to 600….one double-up more and you’re back in contention. Still I wasn’t exactly going to stop him from folding 😉

So…I finish the night with 2-1…and I’m ready to hit the tables again…maybe not tomorrow…but I’ll certainly play a match or two once weekend time rolls around…good luck everyone…

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