Of cleared bonuses and morons at every level
Sunday February 25th 2007, 3:59 am
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Well, I didn’t play all that much today and really, there isn’t much to tell without heading straight down “cold deck street”…one thing’s for sure…Ace rag is the new nuts, no matter at which level you play and even if you hit an Ace…Ace rag will still prevail as it’s such a powerful hand, maybe even more powerful than two s00000ted cards 😉

Anyway…one upside of the junk kickings at Stars today was the fact that I finally cleared the anniversary reload bonus…so the junk kicking is on PokerStars tonight, both figuratively and literally. After that depressing session at Stars (2W 6L), I head over to FullTilt to see if they finally managed to put some of the hog-wild donks back into their stable. Not really is the correct answer. What does it take to beat a really bad player? 1. The bad player must hit at least his TPNK 2. You must catch some cards. If it’s the other way around (let’s say AKs preflop, or 99 preflop, or similar) noone will fold to a 3x or 4x pop, why should they? They’ve got two cards! Two cards! …and if that wasn’t enough, they’re usually s00000ted…and below T…so why not? If you’re happy to flop top two then on a two-gapper-like board, rest assure that mr. donkey has either hit the jackpot, with or without even noticing it, or at least has got something “real players” call outs (usually < 4)...so mr. donkey will call you no matter what you do. Solution to this problem: Wait for the nuts...and while you're waiting...rest assured that if you have the nuts, the donk will have zilk for shizzle-dizzle...and it doesn't matter if you're playing for 1$, 2$, 5$ or 10$, believe me, I've tried them all... 😉 Oh well...enough ranting...I'm done with FullTilt for now (less than five bucks left in there)...so I don't have to worry about their donks anymore (at least for now)...and I sure hope that I can get some better results at Stars over the next few days, as these bad swings really tend to make me wanna slap somebody, lol...good luck at the tables all...

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