Mixed bag
Friday March 09th 2007, 3:15 am
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So, back in action today. First of all I was happy to receive the first issue of Card Player Europe today, nice! That was really quick, I didn’t have the time to really read it yet, but flipping through it, it seems that it’s just what CardPlayer’s description was: part of the US issue plus content specific to europe (including numerous ads of online poker sites I’ve never heard of before). Some more good news: next live game will be this saturday, w00t! Nothing better than some live card-flinging with friends.

Excited about those news, I thought I’d try my luck with some turbo SnGs tonight. First one went fairly well, busted two players early, busted two more later on and soon enough we were ITM. My opponent (fairly even in chips) busted the shorty and we are headsup…about 10 hands later I have a disgusted look on my face as he calls my preflop all-in (J10 s00ted) with the powerful 75 s00ted…sure enough flop comes down 567…thank you very much. Oh well, second place, not all that bad. So I open up the next one and I find myself with AQo in the SB in the very first hand. One limper in MP…all others fold…so I decide to pop it to 80…BB ponders and folds…limper calls…flop comes down Queen high…I bet out…he reraises me…I reraise him…he pushes…hmm…son…I think you’re full of shit…probably KQ/QJ or something…I call…he shows QTo…weeeeeee…..turn 10…thank you…


I congratulate him on his marvellous play and he defends his “groovy” play by saying “but I’m the one who pushed all-in and you called” errrm yeah donkbag…maybe, just maybe I’m supposed to call here with an 87%/12% edge…but maybe that’s just me…I’m out…

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