Not running good is hard…
Tuesday March 13th 2007, 3:06 am
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…running really bad is harder, running really bad is even harder. I’m glad that the running really really bad seems to be over, although I’m still in the bad level “orange”…example from an early SnG hand…he’s short and calls my raise preflop (!)…he then pushes on the the flop…I push over the top..all fold…
Is it just me?

So not only did he call short preflop with T6o out of position, no, he also pushes on the flop with second pair no kicker and hits the turn and river like a champ. Nicely played sir. You just made my day…NOT. So instead of sitting second in chips with five players, I’m sitting with 1k with six players. Win some lose some and I’m in for the exit in 5th with A10 vs AQ…too bad I was the BB…too bad he was the SB…too bad there was an Ace on the flop…too bad that I didn’t smell it…oh well…what else is new. The next one was quite similar. Lost some big pots with the best hand, then donk-trapped myself to make yet another 5th place exit.

I then gave myself a last shot in a HU match, which I ultimately won once his card-luck ran out…he pushed his flopped MPNK into my overpair…but before that…wow…no chance the turn and/or river didn’t hit him BIG, no matter what I bet on the flop or preflop…sometimes I wonder if you have to play donkey-strategy to win at those donkey levels…then again…I was winning consistently before this bad run…playing how I always play(ed)…patient but aggressive when the hand(s) commanded it…

On another note: I don’t know if it’s all the “bad luck” I experienced recently, but in the six-handed games tonight, I felt like I lost it. I just couldn’t put some opponents on hands, even after some orbits. Now this isn’t out of the ordinary if you consider that some of the opponents you face at the donk levels are soooo out of it that it’s next to impossible to put them on a hand, but still. I feel like the cards are against me and the rest is going with it…maybe it’s time to do something different…maybe I’ll try to get my feel back by playing some MTTs again…or maybe even some cash games…we’ll see…

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the good thing about lower levels is there are a LOT of donkeys. the bad thing is there are a lot of suckouts that go along with it.

Comment by smokkee 03.13.07 @ 8:14 pm


True and true. The only thing that really bugs me out is that I didn’t move up after the decent run I had prior to that ultra bad run…who knows…maybe there would have been a suckout (or twelve) less there and I wouldn’t be in a total downward spiral…who knows…I guess it’s rinse and repeat until I hit the bankroll level (before the bad run) again and then it’s moving straight up to the next level, which should ultimately make me a nicer profit and keep me from going insane, too…

Comment by Ingoal 03.13.07 @ 11:49 pm

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