Someone is having a blast…
Thursday March 15th 2007, 3:44 am
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…crappin on my head all the time. I mean come on, this isn’t funny anymore and I’m seriously considering quitting, for good I mean – which most certainly comes down to a few weeks off and then coming back, because I just can’t help it.

Seriously though, I’m starting to feel like Negreanu on last season’s High Stakes Poker. Someone is having a blast torturing me, crapping on me, then kicking me in the nuts watching me fall, then crapping on me again as I lay on the ground. I’m about to go nuts…and I’m not even talking about the 60/40 hands (where I won exactly 0 going in as the 40% part and maybe 20% when I went in on the 60% part), I’m talking about the cold-deck bs…I’m starting to wonder if PokerStars has flipped the “must lose, all, fast”-switch on me or something, nothing better than to get a nice hand which is or evolves into the second best hand, at all times. Now I’m usually laughing at such claims, but this is getting so spooky that I need to blame someone, so why not Stars.

I realize that I’ve been in the same mood for what seems to be an eternity and I apologize for writing about running bad, injustice and/or suckouts post after post after post. It’s just that I’m currently cosumed by this whole mess. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m responsible for some of the losses along the way, because ultimately, I’m so insecure and tiltable atm that I tend to “give it a shot” here and there…or when was the last time you heard me writing about taking 40%-shots for all the money on purpose?! But still, even with that in mind, there’s no way I can lose that much, it’s just nearly impossible – although mathematically speaking it’s not…after all you can lose 100 coinflips in a row or more for that matter, it’s all within the normal variance they say, that fact doesn’t give you any comfort though if you’re caught in the bad zone where…

…you lose all coinflips

…you lose all hands where you are the underdog

…you lose all crucial hands (where you go in with the best (anywhere from 70-98% favourite) for all the marbles)
Examples of the usual hands: AQ…flop comes Ace high…bet, reraise, reraise, reraise, push…lemur shows A5 for a pair of Aces no kicker, no flush draw but a runner runner straight draw to the wheel…turn, there you go, river, there you go, boom headshot.

AJ…flop comes down Ace high (AKx)…bet, reraise, reraise, reraise, push…lemur shows AK…wheeeeeee….no miracle for me…

77 vs AA…


Side note: I didn’t have any pair higher than Jacks in ages, no Queens, no Kings, no Aces and if I have them, they get me busted and not because I can’t lay them down if the boards + betting tell me too, I do lay them down there, but not against runner runner draws or 2-4 outers…AK/AQ/AJ is usually worthless and even if I hit it, someone hits better or sucks out on 4th/5th street…and don’t even get me starting on hitting sets with small pocket pairs…I can’t even count the number of times I had deuces, treys or fours over the last few weeks…and low and behold I flopped two sets….losing one to a runner runner straight…
Can someone shoot me, please…?!

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