A little better than break even
Monday March 19th 2007, 2:04 am
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Not much poker playing today…too tired to play a long session. So I tried some new grounds, moving up a level in the HU matches. It worked out pretty good, although it might not be worth it if all the matches are similar to the one I played – it took a really long time as it was not the usual “TPNK = gold”-territory. I scored the W after a little over 100 hands. Quite a long ass match…

After that I played some “no-brainer” SnGs, one PL 5-Card-Draw and one SH NL HE…in both I didn’t get much going…oh well…can’t have a good run all the time. The 5-Card-Draw one was especially excruciating, I sat there folding hand after hand after hand…no pair, no draw…fold, fold fold fold fold…then I got some hands going…but then it was set over set over set time…at least I didn’t end up with the worst hand, the second best/worst it was 😉

To close out the session I played a donkey-level HU and it was good to see that donks will be donks…TPNK it is…good to see that if you flop the straight 😉

So I finish tonight 2-2…with a little profit to show for…I won’t complain about that 🙂

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