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Monday March 19th 2007, 2:22 am
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The Gaming Directory – The definite UK gambling resource. At first the site title seems to be a little cocky and after having a look around the site, I gotta say that the first impression might be the right one. Now I won’t start claiming that I’m an expert for casinos/pokerrooms in the UK, I’m not, but I have some points to be made.

When I visit a site for the first time, especially when I’m asked to do a review, I’m looking for ups and downs, good things, “bad” things and try to get an  overall impression, before providing, as I hope, constructive criticism:

When I visited the GamingDirectory.co.uk for the first time, I immediately noticed the design and I got to say, it’s pretty simple, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, although a little “eye candy” here and there will probably have a better and longer lasting impression on your visitors than a simple blue layout. The next thing I noticed is that the footer isn’t quite uptodate – ” © 2004 ” isn’t really what I want to see on a site if I’m looking for information about a (landbased) casino I might plan on visiting. So, dear webmaster, please replace that with something more current like 2004-2007 – sometimes it’s the small things that matter or maybe I’m a little nit-picky.

So, let’s have a look at the content, which is the more important thing. Once again, I might be a little nit-picky, but I’m not really overwhelmed by the content of most sections. Let’s take the Casinos page as an example – there’s not much info there and the formatting could be a little bit better. A new line or empty line here and there and the text would look a lot better. Or the landbased casinos page – nice that you listed them all and provided a link to a mapquest map, which should make it easier to find the places. The problems:

1. the links don’t work (at time of writing this).

2. there’s no additional infos on the casino(s) – what games are spread (if there is any pokerroom)? what games are available? at what limits?

A little more info and maybe even a picture or two would really help here. The same rings true for most of the other parts of the site. It’s a good start, but it seems that some sections need a little brush up while others need a little beef up to provide the user with enough info…

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