Weekend full of surprises
Monday March 26th 2007, 1:18 am
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Well, it has been a weekend full of surprises. Surprise Nr. 1, I didn’t play a single hand on saturday. I just didn’t feel like playing and why force the action if you’re not really in the right state of mind. Surprise Nr.2, late saturday night my laptop reminded me that it had adjusted the time due to DST. Wheee…there’s goes an hour of sleep. Surprise Nr.3, got owned in footie today. We played with our best squad and lost. The team we lost to is a real ugly bunch of guys and they shouldn’t even play in the same league as we do, but they do, and they did their job. We didn’t. So instead of being 8 points clear at the top of the table, we’re back to 2 points clear. Fugly!

That’s about all the surprises of the weekend. Today, I played some HU, but only two matches. Won both of them. The first one was the classic me vs donk. He pushed into my nuts beautifully. The second match was totally different. Either he was a complete donk or a genius. I guess the truth lies somewhere in between these two extremes. I bluffed off half my stack early on as he called me down with any pair. I got lucky to catch a hand to double up (A5 vs hs A3)…and then the same thing happened again, he just wouldn’t fold. So either he had a very good read on me or he just lost his mind (and got lucky that I had apeshit every time he really called me down)…anyway….after I was down to 600 again…I switched gears back to the regular game. I doubled up when I flopped a set with presto…which we all know is gold, lol, just ask Fuel 😉

After that I won some smaller pots to take a small chiplead, when I finally connected with the flop a few times. Then the hand came down. 77 on the button…raise…call…no surprise…flop 7KA with two diamonds….he bets…I raise…he pushes…no way I give him AA or KK here…so I insta-call…he shows 8d9d…turn is the 10d…damn…pair there board, pleeeeeeease….river…10c…thank you. So, you could say that I got lucky in that match. I almost lost my mind, but came back to my senses just in time to win it – no doubt, the cards helped there, too…when’s the last time I flopped sets with small pairs back to back…I don’t even remember…me happy…good night…

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