Monday April 09th 2007, 4:02 am
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How refreshing some days away from (online) poker can be 🙂

It didn’t intend to play at all today, but then I thought a little poker action would be a good way to end the night. In retrospect it was. I was totally relaxed and didn’t let the (donkey) play of some of my (donkey) opponents get to me at all. I played two six-handed SnGs and that was that.

The first one started off slowly and I finally got hold of some chips eliminating player no. 5 in the process. So I’m sitting pretty even with the others and I look down at AQo on the button. It’s folded to me and I push…hmm…maybe I should have put in the standard raise, but then again…the way the hand went down it wouldn’t have mattered…SB calls with JJ….flop JQx…turn Q…river x…way to win a coinflip. I exit in fourth only running into quads once in the process, lol.

The second one is picking up quicker and I get a hold of some major chips early when one player almost always pushes on the flop. I watched this pattern time and time again and it was obvious that he couldn’t fold, what he thought was, the best hand preflop. So I called one of his preflop raises in position with 94o putting him on an ace-x…flop comes down nine high…he pushes…I’m more than happy to call…he got me covered…but his hand (AKo) doesn’t improve. The same thing happens again a little later on. He raises again…I call again in position with J3o…flop comes down jack high…he pushes…I got him covered by a mile and put him on ace-x again….this time it isn’t even that strong…he shows Kx…wheee….there’s the door. We lose another player and being down to four-handed I decided to play a little faster with any good hand. I look down at 77 on the button…pop it…BB repops it…I push…he calls with A10o…hmm…basically a flip, but I don’t know if I like his call all-in with A10o here, he could easily be dominated or drawing slim…flop and turn are blank…Barry Greenstein pops in an announces “ace on the river”, well he didn’t really pop in, but that’s exactly what happened. So instead of sitting with 4.x k I’m sitting with roughly 2k. Oh well, it happens. I don’t let it get to me and continue my quest…then “the hand” happens. The other three get it in with 77 vs JJ vs AQo…queen does the job and we’re headsup and ITM…nice…I’m down 1-3 in chips though.

Headsup play is a blurr, I just know that I stole quite some chips, especially preflop when I had a feeling he was weak and/or making a move. About 10-15 hands in we’re even in chips and it takes another 5-10 hands before I take the lead…then we get it all in on a flop of Q95…classic headsup situation…I hold Q3o…he holds 95…please…one time…turn 6…river 6…lol…yatzee…he’s crippled and I crusher him in the next hand with the powerful acey-deucey…nice. W…end the night up a little…groovy…

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