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Wednesday April 11th 2007, 3:56 am
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…the ultimate donktastic payback, brought to you by dealers around the net. Coming to a table near you, soon!

*lol* Oh well…what can I say about today’s play, nothing much, same ol’ same ol’…at the usual donkey tables, the usual donkey play and the usual donk luck. Sometimes you sit there and ask yourself: Is this really it? Could this be all you’ll ever see? Then again you tell yourself that it’s part of the game and that longterm it won’t matter. It’s still tough though. The ultimate oxymoron of poker – short-term doesn’t matter. Well, it really doesn’t, but in a way it does.

I mean, it’s the way it is and I’m more and more at the point where I’m accepting it, it still stings though and in a way, without it, there wouldn’t be much to write about either. So, hey, happy go lucky donks, have fun…I’ll write about it and take my money back later…and then some. Thank you.

So…play a little this afternoon, won two headsup matches and got chased out of a shorthanded SnG by a runner runner flush with A4 s00ted despite preflop reraise, bet on the flop and on the turn. Oh well…at least he had 12 outs…and as usual runner runner goodness (TM) was there to save the day. All good, I’m still up a little…

Evening/night rolls around and it’s time to play the WWdN. Starting table is fine although I can’t catch anything. I drop a nice hammer from UTG and take down a nice pot after my flop bet. Then I run presto into AA…oh well presto can’t be gold everytime. I’m down to about 600 15 minutes in and I take a pot here and there, then double up with TPGK. I’m almost back at the starting stack when I catch some “nice hands” (AQ, AK, etc)…despite my standard preflop raises I always get at least one customer and sure as hell I can’t hit a flop. So I fold fold fold…down down down…shorty.

First break

First break

After the break I fold the SB and then push three hands in a row with AQ s00ted, A8o, and A9o…no customers…but at least I take down the blinds. Then I make a nice exit. I look down at Ah9h and decide not to push the one limper of the hand. Flop comes down jack high with two hearts…I check…he bets out, which represents one third of my remaining stack…so I decide to push…maybe he’ll lay it down….no such joy as he flopped TPGK with KJo…turn and river are blank…surprise surprise…and I exit in 30th place.

Exit in 30th place

After that I should have called it a night, but I tried to get some more action. So, headsup it is. Match one…around fifty hands in…flop two pair…push…he got two overs and a runner runner flush draw…(is that even consider a real draw?! – lol, sure it is)…runner runner flush it is…cya.

Hmm…one more won’t hurt…I whip him around like a schoolboy and got him down to half his stack…he pushes preflop…I look down at two nines…call…flop all low…turn A…river unnecessary K…back to square one. I whip him around again and get him down to half the starting stack again…he wins some pots and we’re virtually even (me + 100 chips)…I raise preflop with A10 s00ted…he pushes…I call…he shows 77 for yet another flip….sevens hold up…surprise surprise…my exit comes a few hands later when the mighty A10 s00ted is no match for the even mightier A5 s00ted…how did it happen? You got one guess….awww…you already know the answer….runner runner baby! Nothing better than runner runner in the morning, runner runner in the evening….runner runner all night long…

The usual

So…I played some good poker today, made two mistakes (calling the rest of my chips off with KK when the lucksack turned three tens and calling all-in with 55 vs AA in the WWdN) and got unlucky here and there and everywhere…the usual. Stuck in the eternal circle of win some lose some, getting nowhere…I really need to get some more money online to take a shot at some of the bigger MTTs and/or some cashgames again as this whole SnG thing isn’t working for me, at least not atm…

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