Spam deluxe
Thursday April 12th 2007, 3:37 am
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Totally unrelated to poker…I hope that noone’s comment got stuck in moderation recently and/or didn’t show up so far…

The problem is that is currently hammered with spam and although the watergate is keeping the flood out, it still stores them in moderation and it’s getting too much to look through every few hours (something along the lines of 1-3k/day). So, just a quick note to my readers/commenters, don’t be surprised if you find a third layer of antispam (I’m thinking some sort of captcha image or something) in the next few days…I know that it’s a PITA, but probably a necessary evil that keeps comments from being (accidently) deleted and me from going insane 😉

Edit: scratch the “in a few days”-part…up and running… bye bye link-spam-bots…or so I hope 😉

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