Up and down and all around
Thursday April 12th 2007, 3:30 am
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Had another lackluster session today, well, two to be precise. One this afternoon, two quick headsup matches…won both. Tonight it was a little different. Match numero uno, ouch, my junk hurts. 2-1. Match numero due, ouch, I can’t belive I made that call…stupid me. 2-2. Match numero tre, wheeeee….3-2.

After that I needed a change of scenery, nine handed SnG will do. Some orbits in the classic overpair vs underpair…JJ vs 33…what’s that third three doing on the board there? Gigli… 3-3.
After that I decided to do something that I rarely do, play PLO. Not PLO8, one of my all-time favourite (and most torturing) games, but PLO and why not headsup?! Now I know that Omaha, independent of the variant you’re playing, is a game of the nuts. But seriously, if there are two hands in play, how great are the chances that you end up second nuts vs nuts? Not all that high I guess…happened all the time though…the nuts switched sides every now and then so it was all good though…still makes you smile when you can look at the board and say: There’s exactly one hand that can beat me here…and your opponent promptly shows it to you. In the end, I had him down to under 300 chips and got the chips in with the best…runner runner boat…wheee….not enough to put me into panic mode though…a few hands later it’s all over when I turn the joint and get the money in the middle…. 4-3. I’ll leave it at that before I get myself stuck again… 🙂

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