I need to play higher…
Tuesday May 08th 2007, 1:43 am
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…that’s the realization of the night. I played in my usual donk level shorthanded SnGs and if the cards, and maybe even more important the patience to wait for real monsters, are with me, there’s no way I’m losing – apart from the (usual) hands where you push in with 85-95% edges and get outdrawn. I’m so comfortable at these (micro/low) levels now that it’s not a real challenge anymore – well, tbh there is a challenge, a big one, and that’s to stay sane amongst the biggest donkeys in the game 😉

So…I guess I’ll do what I promised myself, time and time again, and that is moving up at least one level. I’m really patient and careful and all, especially when it comes to bankroll concerns, but the bottom line is that I either gotta pump more money into the roll (which I don’t feel like doing atm) or take “the plunge” on a medium bankroll and see where that leads me. The upside of it is that this should not only help my game (moving out of the comfort zone, at least a little), but it should also help me to stay sane – assuming that the donkey ratio is more like 2:1 instead of 5:1…we’ll see…I’ll probably have the first results soonish, although I’ll take my time, so I won’t jump to any quick conclusions…wish me luck…

…oh I almost forgot…the results for tonight’s quick session: 1W, 1x 4th…


u should give the $22 single table turbo sng’s a try on Full Tilt. i’ve been doing well there the last coupla days.


Comment by smokkee 05.08.07 @ 8:47 pm


Thanks for the hint smokkee…unfortunately I won’t be able to try them atm as I’m busto at Full Tilt, again, due to too much rebuying on friday nights, lol,…so I guess I’ll have to deal with the donkeystars crowd 😉

Comment by Ingoal 05.09.07 @ 12:49 am