Happy birthday Iggy, first steps into the next level, no WWdN for me tonight
Wednesday May 09th 2007, 1:01 am
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Well, well…wouldn’t you know it…today is the blogfather‘s birthday. Head over to Al’s post for the birthday wishes and some (not work-safe pictures) 😉

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the daily poker donkport errm report. I played my usual stuff today, although at first a level higher than normal, then I dropped back to the normal (donk) level. Why? Not because I was on tilt or anything, I just didn’t feel too good about my play tonight. I started of with some 6 handed action at the higher level and the donkey ratio at my first table was basically 6:0…(6 regular players: 0 donkeys) no donkeys at all….nice! I bubbled when I ran A7 s00ted into AK s00ted…not funny three handed, but what can you do. In the next one, the donkey ratio was higher, but not all that high either…it was 5:1…and I got into some nice hands against the one donk, surprise surprise. He starts of like a madman and bluffs off two thirds of his stack in the first ten hands. In one of the next hands I look down at AsKs and when he does the squeeze from the cutoff, there’s no way I’m folding. He calls with the mighty 57 s00ted. Errm yeah…nicely played…flop 689…gin! So there goes one third of my stack. Win some lose some and I get involved in a hand with him again. He sucks out on the river (K8 s00ted vs my JJ) and I’m crippled…and he sits out. Nicely done sir. I win some small pots, but I can’t get any action and once the blinds hit 50/100 I’m left with less than 5BB…so the next time in the BB I push with Q9…get called by Kx…and the King holds up, I’m busto in fifth. Grrrr. Oh well…only two played so far, didn’t work out the way I hoped it would, but I’ll be back at it.

After that I played some headsup, again, one level above my normal (donk) level and I split the first two matches. After that I didn’t feel like playing anymore, but I decided to crush some morons at the donklevel to win some of my money back – that worked out pretty nicely…2 out of 3…so I’m quitting for tonight down, but not out.

As for the WWdN tonight: I won’t be playing. Yes, it’s only another 30 minutes until it starts, but I got an appointment at uni tomorrow and I don’t want to be all that messed up by playing until 5am or what not…so gl…and nn…

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