Poker is sick sometimes, Poker movies too
Thursday May 10th 2007, 2:15 am
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Well, well…I’m back from my expedition to cold deck mountain and boy, it was a fun ride (and nope, there’s no rant following ;))

Played a shorthanded turbo SnG, played patiently…ran queens into aces. Played a HU match…won it in two hands. Played another headsup match, freezing cold out there. It was probably the sickest match I’ve ever played. Boats, boats and more boats, two pair over two pair, runner runner flushes, runner runner boats, the whole shebang. My opponent finally put me out in the 133rd hand when he flops a straight and my flush (and chop) outs don’t come through.
After that match I’m sitting here and all that’s left to say about tonight’s play: gg, better luck next time.

As for the poker movie(s): I guess I’m reaching the saturation point when it comes to poker movies/tv shows. I’m still a big fan of HSP and I even watch the HU championship, poker after dark (once they finally get to some new tables again) and the occasional WPT, but all in all, it’s just not THAT exciting anymore. Tonight, I had a sneak peak at “Lucky You” and I’m not going to spoil it (so everyone that’s looking forward to watch it: you’re save), but come on…it’s all the usual stuff and the “climax” aka end game…yeah….right…this one isn’t going to make it into my “top poker movie/show” list, which would be…

1. Rounders

2. HSP

3. WPT

4. Cincinnati Kid

5. WSOP coverage

6. NBC stuff (HU, PAD)

or (Rounders/Cincinnati Kid), (HSP, WPT, WSOP, NBC)…atm…

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