Sunday million or the journey is the reward
Friday May 11th 2007, 2:07 am
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So…play in donkster land began at the HU tables, but I was really fed up after the first match. It was over in less than a dozen hands as I couldn’t shake the sbhs (second best hand syndrom)…Qx vs Qx…queen + both kickers hit the flop etc etc. So I hopped into a double shootout to the sunday million. I like it when the first table isn’t full (just like my main man, smokkee, a field of seventy or slightly under that is groovy), so the 63 players suited me just fine. My first table consisted of 6 players and I played it close to the vest. Don’t fool around, especially not in the first few orbits – get settled in and watch the first few donks make their mistakes and if you’re lucky enough to hold a monster, reap the benefits.

Soon enough we lost our first player and once we lost another one, I got some hands and busted the next two players. As headsup started we were about even in chips. A few hands later I was ahead 2:1. A few hands later he had a slight chiplead as we headed into the first break. Some small pots and a big one was all it took (I caught him bluffing) and I won the table.

First table won

After that all the others and me waited for another half an hour before the final table was finally set. With 10 players at the final table I once again told myself to play it close to the vest and so I did. Two orbits of folding and the first player is already out. So we’re down to nine handed and I look down at TT in the cutoff. Two limpers and I pop it to 4BB…EP calls…MP min-raises…uh-oh. We both call and see a flop of JT2…yatzee…EP checks…MP leads out 1/4 of the pot…I repop him…EP (who’s short) pushes over the top (just another 2xx more) and MP calls…hmm…decision time…let’s assess the situation…EP called preflop…EP check-pushed, being short…hmm…flush draw? straight draw? TP?…who knows…but he’s not the one I’m worrying about…MP…repop it preflop and lead out…hmm…the only hands I’m really worried about are JJ, KdQd, KQo, Qd9d, Q9o or AK…given the repop preflop I put him on a higher pair (hoping that it wasn’t jacks), so I pushed over the top and he reluctantly called after some deliberation.

EP shows 8c9d, idiot end OESD + backdoor flush-draw, MP shows QQ…let’s not get unlucky here…turn 6…river 8…EP is eliminated and MP crippled…down to eight handed and I’m sitting there with 4k (15k in play, blinds 10/20). Wheeeeeeeee….from the on out it was almost comical. I folded practically every hand, as did most of the others. One player tried to steamroll the table and it worked out for a while. He crippled and/or eliminated some players and was sitting pretty third in chips (3 get a ticket)…that didn’t change a thing though…we’re down to five handed and it’s one big stack (4.5k), then the steamroller (3.9k) then me (3.8k)…the steamroller raises every pot, every single pot. The big stack finally calls one of his raises and they see a flop which is queen high with two diamonds. The steamroller fires a cbet…bigstack smooth-calls on the button. Turn brings a third diamond. Steamroller bets BIG. Bigstack on the button pushes…steamroller calls…showing 2d3d…bigstack on the button shows? KdJd…cya mr. steamroll….

Mr. Bigstack just turned into Mr. Hugestack (8.2k) and we’re down to four-handed, ITM (fourth get’s 29.x$, top three get the ticket). I’m sitting in second…still pretty with 3.7k…the other two are virtually even with 1.5 and 1.6k. I’m still in LDP mode and I see a lovely trend…the player on my left folds practically every hand. About twenty minutes later he’s finally blinded down to 3BB…he pushes…Mr. Hugestack calls…shorty doubles up to 900…still only 6BB with the blinds at 75/150. The very next hand he pushes again…Mr. Hugestack calls again…shorty shows 99…hugestack AcQc…ace on the flop and shorty is busto….wheeeeeeeee….ticket time 🙂

Three winners, including me

Double shootout final result

Needless to say that I’m not going to play in the “big dance”…but doesn’t it look good?!…

sunday million

…yeah, sure. But this does look even better 😉

tourney dollars

I’m off…nn…

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