The usual donkdom…
Saturday May 12th 2007, 1:57 am
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…after last night’s beautiful double shootout, I really thought about going back to the double shootouts, but it just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t really tired, but not focused enough to play 2 hours, so instead I decided to play some headsup and a turbo double shootout SnG – 8.8$ a pop, six handed, winner get’s a ticket (aka T$ 215), places 2-5 receive some cash, so not a bad proposition.

Turbo, low buyin equals major donkdom. So I sat there and waited and waited and waited for a playable hand to surface, it didn’t happen. The only positive thing was that within the first two orbits two players were already gond – downside: they dumped their chips to the other players. Finally I look down at a semi-playable hand with A7o and decide to steal…get repoped…try to re-resteal…instacalled…okay…he wasn’t restealing…I would repop it with AA, too…oh well…there goes my tourney life.

After that I played five headsup matches, won three of them and called it quits for the night, being down under a buck (due to the rake). It’s almost time for the friday night blogger rebuy madness (starts in under 5 minutes), but I won’t be playing tonight…too tired…need some sleep…gl all and may the donkforce and auto-rebuy be with you 😉

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