Same ol’ same ol’
Wednesday May 16th 2007, 12:32 am
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Hehe…not much time to play poker today, so just a quick session…played four headsup matches at five bucks a pop and won all four of them. It’s really nice when you’re running good, then again, that’s not the whole story.

Yes, I think I’m running good, but does that save me from getting sucked out on? Not really, the difference is in my attitude and behaviour at the table. It’s basically being calm, collected and focussed. If the donk get’s lucky (sucking out on the turn and/or river to beat me with incorrect odds), hell, nh sir. Moving on…even if they got a slight or good lead on me, it really doesn’t matter…they get their money in bad the next time…and bingo…I’m back in the lead…certainly I would be writing other things if they got lucky on me on consecutive hands and big pots…but for the time being…they didn’t…so it’s all peachy…

I’m outta here…and don’t forget, if you’ve got some spare time and want to donk around with the boys and girls…the WWdN is tonight…8:30ET…have fun 🙂

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