Swingy swing swing
Friday May 18th 2007, 1:56 am
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Boooooring. Nothing much going on poker wise, played a small session yesterday (3/3 HU Ws) and another session today. Got my ass handed to me for the most part, not much I could do, just the nasty little thing called short term variance in headsup play. What can you do when your kings get cracked by the mighty 52o, nines by the mighty 105o, jacks by 67o…etc etc…?! Nothing much, curse the bad run of cards and that’s that.

So…tonight I scored two NL Hold’em headsup victories, one second in a six handed SnG and one W in a PLO8 HU SnG. All in all, down something along the lines of 20 bucks…oh well…

In (not really poker related) news, I’ll be heading to Casino Baden Baden on saturday. Woohoo…casino…the excitement. Why? Because it’s going to be the first time I’m going to a real b&m casino. Surprised? You shouldn’t be…as casinos over here are nothing like Vegas or AC, it’s all about the -ev games (slots, BJ, roulette, etc). They do have a few poker tables, but I’m not really sure about the limits they’re playing and if there’s a game going on, so I’ll probably abstain from batting heads with the regulars (and why should I, when I’ve got all the games I want at my disposal – online poker + regular home game) and donk around in the -ev games a little. I guess I better check the closet tomorrow to see if my suit still fits, lol, haven’t worn one in ages and in Baden Baden it’s all James Bond style, no suit/tux with shirt and TIE, no gamb00l…

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