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Wednesday May 23rd 2007, 3:43 am
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…of being shit out of luck, then puzzled, then tilted, then mega-tilted:

1. Being coolered the good old fashioned way: nut flush vs straight flush, boat vs boat, boat vs quads, flush vs higher flush, overpair vs higher overpair
2. Getting chased down the old fashioned way: runner runner straight, runner runner flush

3. Winning 1 of 5 coinflips

4. Losing to a guy that couldn’t even spell poker, but had the luck to turn me (catching the perfect card on the turn) 5 times in a single match before rivering me to put me out for good.

5. Not winning a single hand when AK-AT vs Ax…always a nice little chop or suckout coming (A10 vs A2…ace on the flop, 2 on the turn; AK vs A2…double paired board; AK vs AQ…chop…; AQ vs AJ…chop…;)…at least I won 0 with Ax vs A-biggerX to really make my day…
6. Winning exactly 0 hands with higher pair vs pair…the best one was on the bubble in a six handed SnG…he pushes with sixes vs my eights…I got him covered…spikes the two outer right on the flop…next hand I push in with A7 from the button…he holds A8…ty…

7. Be so tilted after yet another bs hand that you push your remaining stack in with K7 s00ted on the button just to see your opponent wake up with the real BB special (AA)…busto…

So…after that last bs six handed SnG, I finally quit, before I start to shit on the keyboard, I mean seriously, I thought I’ve seen it all and indeed I have, but seeing it all again in such a compressed format isn’t any less painful than it was the first time, or the second time, or the x-th time…good god…

Here’s a random pic dump of some lovely hands…

coolered on the bubble

at least he knew what he was doing

QQ vs QT

Ac vs Jc

the usual flip

the usual chop

Better luck tomorrow…or whatever 😉

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