Back from Cologne
Wednesday May 30th 2007, 1:55 am
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So…the footie team excursion to Cologne aka two and a half day drinking binge came to a close yesterday evening. As I was still on the “staying up late” rhythm, I played a few SnGs before hitting the mattress, 2W 1L in three HU SnGs.

Today, after the first good night’s sleep since thursday, I played a little longer session. To get things started I hit the 6$ turbo HU SnGs – although I don’t like turbos, they’re a better choice IMHO, as honestly, it doesn’t make that much of a difference anyway in HU; basically it all comes down to 1 to x crucial hands and that’s that. I won the first two and then lost the next 7. Yes, I lost seven in a row. Did I play worse than in the first two matches? Not really. I made some questionable plays when I assumed my opponent could laydown third pair with no kick (crazy me!?!), but apart from that my honest answer is “Not really. Errrm…NO!”. I just ran into some ugly hands, the best one was the following beauty of a hand…what’s the probability of you flopping a flush again? What are the odds of you flopping the third nut flush and your opponent flopping either the second or nut flush? Hmm…I think, not all that high…

So fugly

While this was the best one, there were numerous other (less coolery) hands that just had me on the “second best” side at all times (A10 vs AJ, AQ vs AK, A4 vs A7 – lovely to have all those hands with the same theme: Ace hitting the flop and either both kickers hitting or the other dudes kicker playing, so fugly; straights vs flushes with the river card; counterfeited two pair, etc etc). I decided to play one more to round out the 10 matches and I won that one when I finally hit my first cooler of the session. I rivered the flush which gave my opponent the nut straight. Teehee.

After that one I decided to jump into some shorthanded SnG action and took down second. We started HU with me being down about 3:2 and my opponent did a great job leaning on me at all times. I couldn’t do much about it with my monster 9-, 8- or 7-highs…and when I finally had a face card (K9 s00ted) he had an Ace and it stood up…ce la vie.

Before quitting for the night, I jump up a level and hit the 11$ turbo HU SnGs. I won the first one. Lost the second one. Won the third, fourth and fifth one. So beautiful. No doubt that I hit some hands there, but it was a real pleasure to witness a few things I’ve been missing at the 6$ ones:

1. At least some opponents can laydown second or third pair.

2. At least some opponents can even laydown TPxK on a scary board.

So…even after losing 7 straight matches, I kept my shit together for the most part and came back to not only erase the deficit, but finish the session up a little…how sweet it is…let’s see if I can sustain the positive attitude and kick some ass at the 11$ level…

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