Treading water, paying rake
Thursday May 31st 2007, 3:28 am
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Well, well…after footie training I played an extended HU session of 10 matches and boy did it suck. I won the first two matches, then lost 4 in a row, won one, lost one, won three in a row. So after ten matches I’m 5 and 5 and all that’s left is to throw a fiver to pokerstars for the rake. Sigh.

Ups: Keeping my shit together even after some of the nastier ugly beats. Making sound decisions and only a few errors (curious river calls – I should start to trust my gut feeling which tells me “yuck that card hit him”, although it’s hard to do if the history of the hand up to that point is telling you something different…oh well…I guess that’s part of the donkey deception or could you put someone on Q6o if he called a 4BB raise preflop…he reraises you on the ace high flop and calls the re-reraise…he calls the huge turn bet…then he leads out again (1/3 of the pot) when the fugly queen hits to match his flop 6…well…I couldn’t as I would think that any sane person could laydown third pair no draw there against my ace…)…

I’m outta here and leave you with a beautiful fugly river card…lol…lead up to the hand….he rivers me twice for smaller pots…then this hand comes down and he can’t laydown second pair on the turn….
how fugly is this

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