Up and down and move it all around
Friday June 01st 2007, 1:25 am
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Another beautiful fugly session today. Headsup poker is the devil in disguise that’s for sure, even the stupidest donkey on the planet can win by getting lucky. All in all I played 11 matches today at 11$ a pop…LWLLWLWLWWW…so 6-5 in total.

A realistic look at the losses tells me that I dropped 3 making curious river calls with the second best hand…the other two can be summed up by the following screenshots.

Match 1: Back to back goodness…instead of a W…everything turns into apeshit and a big L.
Ks8s vs 4s5s

Ks8s vs 4s5s

Match 2: Back to back goodness again…robbed a pot from him in the hand before the first one below. He then min-raises (oooh aces?) let’s call…I flop two pair and when the money goes in he’s drawing mighty slim…runner runner goodness saves him though. Two hands later I’m finally done…

so fugly

so fugly


ur runnin’ about as good as i am.

hang in there!

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