Return of Hit-zilla
Monday June 04th 2007, 10:52 pm
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After the recent bad run, I decided to take a day off and so I did yesterday. Today I returned to my usual (new) feeding grounds, the 11$ Turbo HU matches on Stars. The first match started off with the usual bs and thoughts of logging off right after that match crept in immediately.

So sick

Instead of a W I’m sitting there with 840 in chips. Yuck. Oh well, no need to panic, just focus and continue to get your money in good. Some favourable flops, turns and rivers later and I’m in the chiplead again. The next time we get it in, I’m holding the better hand once again (A9o vs Q6o all-in push by him preflop). Flop A9x turn A…cya. W. Nice. I play three more matches and while I don’t hit the boards all that hard, at least my hands hold up when I put it in with the best. Add to that some favourable turn and/or river cards and my opponents let me see my draws cheap…and the draws hit. What a beautiful feeling to see a 14+ outs twice draw hit. Flopping a set against two pair was somewhere in there too. So…all in all…dare I say it, I ran good. Wheeeee. 4 matches 4 Ws and I’m outta here for tonight…

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