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Thursday June 14th 2007, 12:51 pm
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As we all know, most computers are running some version of windows these days, but what about those who don’t? Are you running linux or Apple’s MAC OS? Then CompatiblePoker.com is for you.

You can find out about poker rooms offering native version of their poker client, as well as about poker rooms offering webbased versions – including Java based clients – for both MAC and linux.

While most people prefer native clients, the reality for MAC and linux users is that most poker rooms still don’t offer one. So what are they supposed to do? Either play at one of the few rooms that offer native clients (Mac: Full Tilt, PartyPoker) or use one of the java or webbased alternatives. But is that really all you can do? Not really. There’s always the possibility to use a dualboot system or a run time environment (e.g. WINE) to run the native windows versions. Both possibilities are outlined on the site, although the “Option 2”, as they call it, running poker clients with WINE is all little more in depth than “Option 3 – Dual Boot”, which is only mentioned – I guess that’s understandable as it’s too hard to give a complete guide on how to do it with all possible combinations of windows versions and linux distributions.
All in all, a good guide for all linux/mac users looking for a place to play online poker…and even if you’re not using a linux or mac based system, let’s say you want to know which sites still accept US players, then you’re in the right place, too…just checkout the USA Poker Sites section…so, what are you waiting for, checkout CompatiblePoker.com!

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