Good decisions, good end results…some hiccups
Sunday June 17th 2007, 3:42 am
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Well, well…I came down with a nasty summer cold on thursday night and it’s not pretty. So while I didn’t play any extended sessions, I managed to squeeze in some poker yesterday evening and tonight.

Yesterday I played strictly headsup, won 3 out of 5 and called it quits. Tonight, I mixed it up a little: Started with a shorthanded SnG and got my balls kicked nicely. First hand JJ in the SB…one limper…I pop it to 100 (5BB)…BB calls…limper folds…flop comes down Kxx…I lead out…BB calls…turn another blank….I fire again…he calls…river blank…I check he checks…he shows K10o…nice call preflop Mr. hey I got a face card. I managed to lose only 3xx chips on that hand, could have been worse. It got worse later on when I got some nice junk kicks and busted in fifth.

After that one I needed to regroup a little and so I fired up a headsup match. A few seconds later the donkey walks in. I always ask myself how you can drop 3k (real $$$) when you’re average SnG limit is five bucks. I got rid of him pretty quickly as he thought his TPMK was the nuts…

So then I was ready for some more shorthanded action. I played really tight early, which wasn’t hard when you’re looking down at 6-/7-/8-/9-high all the time facing raises and reraise preflop. Soon enough I found some hands though and was able to chip up nicely. Then, we’re on the bubble, the usual bs happens.

donkey gin

Soooooo beautiful and what could be better than such a hand? Well, the fact that the donk goes on and bluffs all his (and my chips) off to the third player in the very next hand. BEAUTIFUL. So I went into headsup down about 5:1. Oh well…some hands into headsup I get the money in with nines…opponent calls with KQo…KQx flop…cya. At least some money, so who am I to complain?! Still buggs me…but oh well.

So I fire up the next one and I’m literally card dead the first 15 minutes. I can’t get a hand. Then I decide to take a shot with KJ and it pays off as the JxxxK flop brings me the (lucky) two pair against KQo. Once I finally get some real hands, the donkeys still don’t give me respect. Haha, so beautiful when you see those donks playing one SnG and they still don’t pay attention. Yes sir, I folded for 15 minutes (I played the whole two out of 20+ hands) and I raise and push like crazy, this doesn’t mean I have a good hand, or does it?! 😉

Well, I doubled up with JJ vs A9o. Big stack felt like calling me…ty sir. Then I double up again a few hands later with TPMK when the next donk misses his flush draw and still calls with SPNK. Beautiful. Once we’re down to three-handed it’s my turn again…I push with AQ and get called by yet another Ace rag…this time my Ace stands up though and we’re down to headsup and this time I’m 2:1. A few hands in and we’re even. A few hands later and I’m slightly down. A few hands later push comes to shove and I take down a huge pot, leaving my opponent crippled with 600 chips (blinds 100/200). He steals my blinds for the next two hands as I don’t feel like calling with 23o and 25o. Then he doubles up and doubles up and doubles up and we’re dead even again. Wheeeeeee. A few hands later I’m able to bust him though – I raise preflop, he calls…flop comes down queen high…I flop SPTK. I bet…he calls. Turn is a blank (5)…I check…he pushes…I think I have him, although he could have a queen…I call…he shows Q5o for two pair. Ouch. My first misstep of the evening. Barry G. walks in and yells “Ace on the river”, lol, and I suckout to take it down. Boy does it feel awfully good when something like this happens for once when it counts. So I’m finishing the night with three ITM (two wins) out of 4 contests (including the HU match)…good stuff…I’m out…

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