Sunday June 24th 2007, 3:49 am
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Not much poker playing today, just the usual bit of headsup. Played 7 matches and managed to win 4 of them, should have been 6, but hey, I can’t do much more than put my money in way ahead. The most beautiful match was against a real aggressive oberbetting donk. I let him run me over, time and time again, then when it was time to get payed off big time he sucked out on me on the river. His advice 2 sec after the suckout: Dude, buy a book, you’re awful. *lol* *lol* *lol* I didn’t even get into arguing with this donk, because it would be a total waste of my time, I just told him “ah, we have another gracious suckout winner. gg enjoy”. So beautiful how some donks behave on the faceless interweb, so beautiful.

But enough of the online poker chatter…it’s time for some shout-outs:

1. The first shout-out goes out to BuddyDank. I stumbled upon your “poker radio” and I really enjoyed the mix so far when I’m playing. Cool stuff there, keep it up…especially dropping the f-bomb while giving updates on blogger tourneys in progress (e.g. yesterday’s rebuy donkfest….m’fuckin breaktime…m’fuckin be right back….m’fuckin final-table….just beautiful to hear some good old swearing in the a.m. 😉 ).

2. The second shout-out goes out to Dr. Pauly. I respect him a lot, not only because he’s one of if not the best poker blogger around, but because he “introduced” me to the whole blogger tourney thing, back when he held his series at PokerStars. After today, my respect has risen to a whole new level though:

dropping the wsop hammer


Damn! Talk about representing the poker blogger community! REPRESENT!

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