A4 is the new AA…
Thursday June 28th 2007, 2:13 am
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…and you should never argue with a stoned towel. *lol*

Played a little session tonight and started off on a good note. Won the first headsup match easily. Then the usual stuff went down where I played some sloooooow opponent, we trade chips back and forth and once the blinds are big it’s becoming a crapshoot. Guess the result of those matches…yes…I can’t win one because when it’s push or fold I either get no hand or my hand cracked, really sickening.

So two headsup defeats later I decided to play a six handed SnG to finish the session and it was a real interesting match. We had a nice fish (as identified by sharkscope) and some minor winners/losers (money wise). After I busted two players I’m sitting pretty when the blinds start to rise. That’s when the usual blind cooler rolls off…

Nice cooler

Oh well…still plenty of chips left. A few hands later the stoned towel busts the shortstack fish. Bubble time and I switch to aggressive blind steal mode as they’re pretty high now. Soon enough I get it in with JJ vs AK…all good until the river K….damn. One time I want to win a flip on the bubble. All good though, still plenty of chips left. Good thing that the player I gave the chips to is a total rock, he will fold into eternity unless he’s got a monster preflop or has less than 5BB…soon enough he’s down to 5BB and get’s eliminated.

So it’s me and mr. stoned towel headsup. He got a 2:1 chiplead. One double up with A4 later and I’m 2:1. I win some pots, lose some pots. Soon enough we get it in AQ vs QJ…the whole three outs prevail and he’s got the lead again. I pick up another monster A4 and win the pot. Then we get it in again K10 vs QJ and the K on the flop seals the deal.

So I win it and mr. stoned towel goes off about how bad I played and how lucky I got with the A4 etc. I try to talk to him in a normal way explaining what should be common knowledge…if I’ve got an ace headsup and an ace hits the flop in an unraised pot…well…sure I’m going to call your bets. He doesn’t hear me though so I have a little fun with him, but it’s just not worth it, he’s just sour that he didn’t win, after all pushing in preflop with QJ twice isn’t really +ev…but that’s beside the point. I finally won a six handed again after a drought of a few days. Cool stuff….I’m off…

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