Same shit different day, ABC poker
Wednesday July 04th 2007, 1:09 am
Filed under: No-Limit Hold'em,PokerStars,S&G,Shorthanded

Today was just like it wasn’t today, but yesterday. I jump into a six-handed SnG and play tight early. As soon as I pick up some hands I’m able to win some small pots. Soon enough we’re down to four, then lose another player, so we’re down to three. One player has a monster-stack and the other guy and me are rather short, although I’m in last position chipwise. Then the following hand comes up…

Oh well

SB special vs BB special and sure enough the best hand of the night so far is absolutely no good there. Hmm, Gordon’s pair principle says: JJ – 3 handed…4.5% chance that someone holds a higher pair…why oh why does it seem that 4.5% = 100% these days.

After that one I really thought about logging off, but instead I decended into micro limit hell for some more six handed action. I can’t say that my hands held up or anything, but when it counted, they did. So I took down two for two. Wheeeee….so, I finish the night slightly up and that’s good enough for me today…

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