Things are looking up…
Thursday July 05th 2007, 1:25 am
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…or aren’t they? Well, tbh, I finished the session a bit down, but at least I didn’t get too many unreal suckouts, more “normal” suckouts, which feels like things are looking up.

I started the session of with the usual headsup matches and I couldn’t catch anything, my steals worked not nearly as much as they would need to carry me through my card-deadness, so there’s not much I could do. Just brutal to see a donk misplay hand after hand after hand and there’s nothing you can do about it. Why? Because he’s hitting TPNK eight times in a row and won’t fold, not ever. Just brutal.

So after that I decided to switch it up a little and played a double-shootout to the sunday million. We started the table with 6 players, which I really liked. As it was no turbo, I didn’t play many hands early, unlike some of the other guys. They kept firing like crazy which I just can’t understand. With 15 minute levels there is so much play left, especially early, so why risk unreal amounts of chips stealing the blinds (30 chips)? Oh well…they payed a dear price for that and so soon enough we were four handed and I didn’t play a single hand yet.

Once I get some hands going I chip up quite a bit and once the fourth player is knocked out I got my hands full. Three handed, time to get something going. Didn’t work out that well. JJ vs A5 s00ted…nut-flush on the turn…I managed to lose the minimum there. Some orbits of up and down and I finally ran my middle- and bottom-pair into top- and bottom-pair. Oh well.

After that, I played some more headsup and managed to win four out of five. Honestly, it should have been five out of five, but I let this donk get to me. I really handed his ass to him and was up 2.2k/800 after the first twenty something hands. Then he started to push, a lot. Normally I would applaude him for doing that, but not this time. I made a little fun of him as I waited for a monster to bust him. Bad thing the monster never showed up and soon enough we were back to even. He still over-raised a lot and it’s just tough to play back with 49, 37 and 28o…my usual holding in those spots. Once I decided to push back with QT s00ted, he didn’t even blink before instacalling with A6o…I can understand him, A6o is the nuts after all….lol….

So…a little down for the night, but at least I saw a little progress in coming back around to the “normal luck level”…that’s fine with me…I’m out…

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