Poker oh poker it’s all skill…
Friday August 17th 2007, 3:12 am
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…start with the worst hand and go all-in. *lol*

Tonight marked my “comeback” after a few days off and it was an interesting session. I played against two damn good players, more about that later, and against one fishcake. Guess which matches I won?

I started the session with the usual NL HE headsup and I played against a total fishcake. How do you manage to drop 4.9k playing 5-10$ SnGs? Well, I guess it happens if you play regularly and suck (and don’t suckout enough). At least he managed to hit the deck against me. It was an up and down battle, but in the end, it was a losing one for me as he got clobbered by the deck…he showed down TT, JJ, QQ, KK twice, AA, etc etc and in the end, I couldn’t hold the shit together against all those hands. The last hands was 73 against TT…I flop top pair and a gutterball and he comes over the top…oh well…I thought it’s next to impossible that he’s got yet another overpair (after showing two within the last 5 hands), I was wrong…busto.

After that I switched to PLO8…I don’t know why I didn’t play regularly in such a long time, after all it used to be my favourite game. I guess the whole “action jackson”- and “no hand is a substantial favourite (preflop)”-thing kept me away for a while and reading the FTP Strategy guide’s section about PLO8 made me remember how many fishcakes and bad (hold’em) players play this game. So I sit down in the first HU match and lo and behold, there’s no fish sitting there, but one of the better PLO8 players (top 15 on the 6-15$ HU leaderboard). I smoke him. I sit down in the next one. The same player comes along. I smoke him again. Nice. No doubt that I hit some pretty nice boards along the way -  having the luck that he hit the second/third nuts in the process – but still, I managed to dodge some uglier hands (no curious calls on the river), so I’m satisfied with my play.

After that I played one more and lo and behold, yet another good player comes along (top20 on the 6-15$ HU leaderboard). I smoke him too when he let’s me see the river for cheap and I hit the bigger boat. Wheeee.

So, to sum up the session: Played against one fishcake in NL HE and lost. Played three matches against top 20 leaderboard players in PLO8 and won all three. Hmm…maybe I should really think about playing some more PLO8 on a regular basis…probably a good idea, even if there’s going to be session where you will get punished badly (as it’s custom in PLO8)…

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